Practical Weight Loss Science

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Dieticians and workout gurus almost never agree on the best solutions for weight loss and muscle growth. Many “new” ideas, such as low-carb diets, have actually been around since the 1950’s!
It’s helpful to look at some basic stand-by strategies for staying fit that are guaranteed to work in the long run. Let’s review 5 weight-loss tactics that have stood the test of time.

Plan Around Your Job

Many jobs have the added benefit of exercise built right in. If you are an aerobics teacher or a warehouse inventory mover, you gain enough exercise during the day that evenings may be used to rest. However, an office job can be a nightmare for those looking to stay active and keep fit.

Experts have stressed that holding an office job takes careful lifestyle management to remain healthy. Try a morning workout routine, which will also help keep you relaxed and focused during the work day.

Eat Healthy, Not Less

Fuel is required for the body to maintain a healthy metabolism and burn calories. Strategies for a healthy metabolism can include consuming certain food and drink, shopping organic and changing up your speed during a workout.

However, the one solution all doctors can agree on is don’t starve yourself! Try eating extra portions of foods with metabolism-boosting properties such as fish, walnuts and flax seed.

Exercise That Fits You

Experts will always debate which exercises are more or less beneficial – some even believe that running can be bad for your health! One undeniably key factor, however, is finding a routine which suits your body and lifestyle.

Seniors, for instance, may find recreation such as bowling, golf or shuffleboard games an excellent activity boost, while teenagers should be encouraged to play strenuous non-contact sports while their bodies can handle the exertion.

Future Research Possibilities

Many peptides are currently under scientific research and development for many different physiological purposes. One peptide currently in the research and development pipeline is CJC-1295.
Scientific research studies based on animal test subjects have

been able to determine that CJC-1295 can help induce a natural increase in the amount of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary. Increased growth hormone and IGF-1 can assist with intense fat loss. This product is still under research and development and has not yet been approved as safe for human use or consumption by the FDA.

Reap The Rewards Of Routine

weight and health

Are you a great project-starter but not always capable of following through? Never fear, most people are sufferers! Rather than trying to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks, doctors agree that good, enjoyable habits are a key to long-term fitness. Find a healthy, natural meal that you enjoy and prepare it for dinner on regular nights, or visit your favorite nature walk an extra time or two every month.checkout latest news at

Remember, nobody stays motivated to do what they dislike or can’t do comfortably. Finding a simple, long-term and comfortable fitness plan is the best strategy for improving your weight and health.

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Strategies for increasing metabolism

Weight Loss

Remember having that friend in college who could eat ten doughnuts every day and still look thin and feel vigorous, whole you felt bloated and lethargic just sampling a dish of pudding? It may have seemed like a curse, but chances are she simply had a higher metabolism.visit her latest blog post for more details.

High or low metabolism is often thought to be something you are born with and can’t change. However, experts now agree there are many useful strategies for upping your metabolism, helping you stay thin and productive after partaking in rich food or drink.

Exercise With A Flourish

The next time you are walking to the store or jogging at the gym, try speeding up the pace for 30 or 60 seconds. Research shows that mitochondria, or fat-burning proteins in your cells, work harder if given a brief jolt in their workload.

And there’s no need to sprint! A brief increase of only .5 MPH in walking or running will do the trick.

Green Tea

Think the medicinal properties of green tea are just a marketing gimmick? Think again. The catechin in green tea products may help to increase metabolism.

Dietary scientists are not sure exactly how catechin speeds up calorie-burning, but they are certain that it does. Studies show that dieters who drink green tea are more likely to lose weight than those who drink regular tea or other beverages.

Eat Smarter, Not Less

The Mad Men character Don Draper famously stayed thin by smoking, drinking and almost never eating anything. Unfortunately, in real life it doesn’t work that way at all! The best way to maintain a healthy metabolism is to fuel your body with healthy food.
Doctors agree that if you eat too little, the body thinks it is malnourished and goes into fat-conservation mode by burning less. Go ahead and eat a full lunch and dinner, but make sure to keep your fat intake low. Extra portions of lean-prepared fish can actually help with weight loss.

Future Research Possibilities

Some supplements currently under scientific research could help maintain or increase metabolism. Research studies based on animal test subjects have shown that Sermorelin, a peptide supplement currently in the research stage, may help the body produce IGF-1, a protein that can lead to increased metabolism and growth of new cells. The product is not yet approved for human use or consumption by the FDA. You can learn more about Sermorelin at

Buy Organic Produce

Weight Loss

Going organic will help your metabolism by not exposing you to toxins. Studies show that non-organic produce can interfere with your thyroid’s ability to maintain a speedy calorie-burning rate.

Though solutions such as stocking up on green tea and avoiding factory produce may seem expensive in the short term, a healthy metabolic rate will increase your energy level and can boost your business career in the long run. So shop smart, fuel your body and watch your lifestyle and pocketbook grow richer in the years to come.

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Alternative Weight Loss Strategies

Weight Loss Strategies

The words diet, exercise, and workout go together so often that it may be impossible to read or hear one without thinking of another. For overweight Americans who struggle with personal discipline, there is a mountain of advice available for those fighting the weight-loss battle.

But what if nothing is working? Experts agree that there are many alternative strategies for staying fit, including many that can be worked into your daily lifestyle.

Active outdoor hobbies

Even if hiking, mountain biking or outdoor yoga seem exhausting or tedious, there are many fun outdoor activities that can become an enjoyable fitness routine. Try exploring some old-fashioned outdoor sports in a brand new way.

Sure, you can play 18 holes riding in a golf car and eating hot dogs, but try walking at least 9 holes and carrying or pulling your own clubs. It might not be easy to lose weight sitting in a bass boat and drinking beer, but try fly fishing or canoeing back and forth from your favorite casting hole.

Even simple field sports like croquet can help the obese lose weight, if walked briskly from shot to shot.

Use Public Transportation

Studies show that auto drivers who switch public transportation experience an average .32 reduction in BMI, or body mass index. Apart from the benefit of reduced stress and auto maintenance, just walking to a nearby train station can be a way to increase metabolism and take off extra pounds. So set aside those car keys and ride the rails!

Daily Chores

Want to keep fit? Give your maid or gardener some time off. Studies indicate that cleaning your house or apartment burns 238 calories an hour on average, while gardening burns almost 300 on average. Shoveling snow is the real whopper, burning almost 500 calories an hour. No need to ask a neighbor’s kid to help dig out in the winter – save that $20 and improve your fitness.

Future Research Possibilities

Among the potential health products in clinical testing, peptides have been shown to help eliminate unwanted fat in recent research studies. One such peptide is Ipamorelin, a penta-peptide hormone originally developed by Nova Nordisk. Scientific studies based on animal test subjects have shown that Ipamorelin is highly potent and may help increase bone mass and naturally increase growth hormone while being relatively free of side effects. This peptide is still under research and is not yet approved for human use or consumption by the FDA. You can learn more about Ipamorelin here.

Eat The Weeds

Weight Loss Strategies

A fun, exercise-filled way to help maintain a diet is harvesting wild food. You do not have to be an expert or a woodsman, in fact you may begin by picking dandelions or easily-spotted wood sorrel from your own yard. Both are delicious when added to a well-prepared salad. You can learn more about foraging for wild food on various popular websites or by purchasing handy field guides.view more tips at

Remember there are a thousand ways to lose weight, so never despair even if the popular methods don’t fit with your lifestyle. Healthy choices and body-healthy investments are there for us all.

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